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Thank you for choosing The Clean Team for your cleaning needs.
Below are some suggestions to help you prepare for our arrival:
Keep your children happy and safe. If you have young children keep in mind they will want to help. To keep them safe, you may want to plan an activity in a room we're not cleaning or take them out during the cleaning. Also keep in mind the carpet is damp and will be slippery when stepping onto a hard surface floor. We recommend keeping your children off the carpets and/or upholstery until they are dry.

Keep your pets happy and safe. For your pet's peace of mind, please put them in a safe, quiet place during the cleaning. If you're not going to be home, please make sure we know your pet's name(s) and where they will be located during the cleaning. Also keep in mind for indoor cats that the door is left open ajar during the cleaning. We also recommend to keep them off the carpets and/or upholstery until they are dry.

Draperies. Please pin up full legnth draperies so they will be at least 6 inches above the carpet/floor.

Spots of concern. The technician will be prepared for your cleaning with notes on special concerns you may have. Please show the technician any areas that may require special techniques and identify the staining agent if possible. If you're not going to be home, please mark the area with a note.

If possible, move the small things. Any small pieces, such as waste paper baskets, magazine racks, floor plants, breakable items, etc. which you can remove prior to our arrival, will shorten processing time and return your home to normal use sooner.

Move with care. Please inform the technician about any special requirements to follow on moving your furniture (weak legs, loose tops, etc.).

What we move. We can move coffee tables, chairs, sofas, dining room tables and smaller items. We can not move china cabinets, sectional sofas, entertainment centers, antiques, pool tables, televisions, electronic equipment, computers, pianos and fragile furniture/breakable items. Beds, large dressers, desks and other heavier items may be moved upon request at an additional charge. Please inform us prior to your cleaning day if you want such items moved.

When Moving your own furniture. If emptying the room yourself, please keep in mind where you put your furniture. Make sure we can safely get to other rooms you would like cleaned during our visit.
You did it!
You're ready for your cleaning!
When we arrive. When your technician arrives, after greeting you he will prepare for your cleaning by looking at each room you would like cleaned during our visit. This is a good time to bring to his attention any spots that are of concern. If needed, he will measure your rooms at this time. During the cleaning, most clients find it easiest to be in a room that is not being cleaned or to leave for the cleaning.
If you are home after the cleaning, the technician will walk through the home with you to make sure you are satisfied with your cleaning. Within one (1) business day you will receive our regular quality check call to make sure you had a happy experience.