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Safe & Effective Carpet, Upholstery and Tile Cleaning

Take pride in your floors and furniture with carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning from our company in Grantham, New Hampshire and White River Jct., Vermont. The Clean Team provides a full line of services to freshen up your home, including:
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning (Fabric and Leather)
  • Green Clean Technology
  • Fine Area Rug Cleaning
  • Free Pickup and Delivery of Area Rugs
  • Pet Odor Treatments/Removal
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Allergen Treatments
  • Mold Treatments
  • Fabric and Carpet Stain Protecting
  • Deodorizing
  • Mattress Cleaning


The Clean Team uses hot water extraction, commonly known as "steam cleaning", to thoroughly clean your carpets. It is a proven fact that hot water extraction is the absolute most effective method to remove soil, pollutants, sources of bacteria, odor, and allergens from your carpet. We go even one step further by using soft water in every job. Your carpet is always fully extracted, resulting in a damp, residue-free carpet. We also offer carpet stain protectors. These protectors are good for about 1 year with general use. If your carpet came with it you may be in need of a new treatment of protector. Whether you need furniture moved or you're dealing with pet odors we can personalize your carpet cleaning experience to fit your personal needs.

Fine Area Rugs

Area rugs add warmth and charm to any room. Keep them looking their best with an extensive cleaning from The Clean Team. We offer free pick up and delivery of your rugs. While the rugs are with us in our Grantham, New Hampshire cleaning facility, they go under our extensive cleaning process. Special treatments are available for rugs with pet issues. After being cleaned, small- to medium-size rugs are hung to dry. Rugs 9 x 12 and larger are dried with an air moving system. This process on average take 2 weeks. Express cleanings, storage wrapping and short term storage is available upon request.

Upholstery Cleanings

Most types of fabric upholstery can be steam cleaned. We do not offer dry cleaning. The first thing we do before the cleaning is access your upholstery. If there are any concerns about the type of fabric, we will not do the cleaning. We also offer cleanings (conditioning) for your leather furniture. Pet issues are hard to get out, because of the density of the upholstery. We do offer special treatments for pet issues. The technician would access your upholstery and come up with the best plan for your upholstery when dealing with pet issues. We also offer upholstery fabric stain protectors. These protectors are good for about 1 year with general use. If your upholstery came with it you may be in need of a new treatment of protector. This cleaning is a low moisture cleaning and usually dries in about 1 - 2 hours.

Pet Odor Treatments (Pet Issues)

This can be a complicated issue. Some families may be experiencing a few puppy accidents, where others may be facing an animal who has been soiling an area for extended period of time. We always assess the area and come up with the best plan of action. We offer several options, such as commercial grade enzyme products that actually digest the odor causing bacteria, full flushing of the area and removal and repair of the area. By treating each situation individually we have had great success with removing pet issues.

Allergy Relief Treatment (ResponsibleCare Anti-Allergen System)

If you’re one of the 70 million Americans that suffer from allergies or allergic illnesses such as asthma or sinusitis you already know how miserable they can be. There is now a revolutionary anti-allergen cleaning and treatment program called the ResponsibleCare® System that allows you to safely, easily and affordably reduce the levels of these serious allergens by 90% or more! Allergy Relief Treatment changes the shape of allergen proteins, making them unrecognizable to the body, which prevents them from causing an allergic reaction. When a bedroom has been completely cleaned and treated using the ResponsibleCare Anti-Allergen System, results are often seen within the first three days, and often during the first night. Imagine getting a good night’s sleep–tonight! All of the products are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye and perfume free, contain no volatile organiccompounds (VOC’s), phosphates or other hazardous materials. In addition, the products are derived from renewable fruit and vegetable seeds. The products are virtually odor free and have been specially formulated for use around people with allergic illnesses and chemical sensitivities. Allergy Relief Treatment contains no benzyl benzoate and is not a pesticide or mitacide. In addition to the treatment, you should vacuum on a regular basis. So Effective, We Guarantee It! When the ResponsibleCare System of anti-allergen cleaning and treatment is used to service the mattress and carpeting in the bedroom of allergy sufferers every 4 to 6 months (you will notice a change after the first treatment), it is guaranteed to provide a noticeable improvement in allergy symptoms within three days or we will refund the portion of the charge for application of Allergy Relief Treatment.

Green Cleaning

Here at The Clean Team, we only use products that are completely safe for people, pets and our environment. We believe that doing our part for the environment isn't just the cleaning products we choose, but the process from start to finish. We maintain our equipment, pool jobs in designated areas to save on the amount of fuel we use and process our waste water in an environmentally safe manner. Green products are plant based and take this promise a step further. We offer green cleaning for carpet and upholstery. For those who have environmental allergies, we find green products are a great choice for you cleaning needs.

Mold Treatments

The key to this is treat before the mold is present. It's really important to contact a professional water damage restoration team, like The Clean Team, after any flood-big or small. They can work with you to prevent mold from appearing and give you suggestions for the future precautions from mold. In the case we treat for mold, we offer a wide range of mildewcide products for all types of surfaces

Tile and Grout Cleanings

Have you ever noticed after you clean your tile floor and/or wall, it still looks dull and the grout is still discolored? Here at The Clean Team we offer a powerful cleaning solution for your tile and grout floor and walls. With a combination of cleaning solutions specially designed for tile floors and walls, our hot water rinse(we use soft water for all our cleanings) and extract tile floor tool, we can bring back the gleam to your tile and take out years of grime in your grout. After this cleaning, it's a great time to have your grout sealed. Sealing your grout makes it resistant to spills and easier to clean in the future. This helps keep your grout looking clean longer.
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